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RELIABILITY Thanks to latest technology, we do not simply optimize the efficiency of our routes, but also ensure that loading and unloading windows are held.

LAWS AND STRANDARDS Regardless of the goods loaded, we make sure that all transport regulations and guidelines are complied with.

EFFICIENCY AND SPEED No matter the destination, we are always ready to meet your requirements throughout the states of Pensilvania, New York & New Jersey.

TRANSPARENCY AND DILIGENCE Our processes are designed as transparent as possible. Starting from the transport booking, all the way to the entire transport documentation.

Improve Quality

HIGH STANDARDS Our goal is to always meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Your dedicated contact person is there to assist you at any time.

VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT No matter how small or large your requirements are, we have the right vehicle for you. Special requirements in combination with specialized equipment are no problem for us.

JUST-IN-TIME It can happen that fresh goods are transported as part of a consumer-goods load. Especially then, a time-accurate pickup and delivery is essential – with us you are in good hands.

FLEXIBILITY With consumer goods, there may be last minute changes in the transport requirements. We at JANBC act quickly and flexible to be your best partner in this complex market.


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